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Reactrix are for kids

June 22, 2007 @ 6:22am

I mentioned that last weekend we saw the Fantastic Four movie and we loved it. I liked Colin Ferguson's riff on it the other day, even though he said he hadn't seen it yet or the "The Fantastic Three" movie that it was a sequel of. That reminded me of the reason I used to use for why I never saw Spike Lee's Malcolm X: because I hadn't seen Malcolm I through IX yet. Nice.

Before the previews, we sat through a bunch of commercials. One was for TV magician Criss Angel. He wants to freak your mind. I saw one of his cable shows when I was staying in a hotel on a business trip. It was like Sandman had mated with Joe Perry from Aerosmith and their kid was adopted by Penn and Teller and raised in Vegas. Of course, I wish him all the best and I hope he has a long and fruitful career. You never can tell if these people are real magicians or just illusionists, so I don't like to taunt them.

Another commercial for Van Heusen was played in reverse. If you play it in the regular order, it tells the story of a guy who wakes up next to his blonde girlfriend or wife and then puts on some hot clothes and goes to work and hooks up with a hot brunette. I would like to point out that I work from home, so I wake up with and work with the same hot brunette no matter what I wear.

The highlight of the trip to movies for my boys was, as always, the part where they played on the Reactrix floor panels. If you haven't seen them yet, they are these giant video panels that are taped to the floor and when you step on them you interact with the advertisements they are running.

Of course, this means that all of the kids flock to the panel and it turns into a junior mosh pit. Everyone is trying to stomp on the floating rabbits or kick soccer balls or butterflies or stars and bigger kids are knocking smaller ones down and everyone's falling all over each other.

It's wild, but they should have a first aid kit nearby and some bleach to clean the blood off of the screen.

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