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Oh come on baby, come and let me show you my tattoo

July 2, 2007 @ 9:15am

Niki told me this weekend that my all-time favorite magician, Criss Angel, is getting divorced. No mind-freaking way! All this time I thought he was single and I guess that's what he wanted us all to think.

His in-laws said that he told his wife it was better for his career to have a "single image" instead of a "married image," but it turns out that his faithfulness was just an illusion.

You'd think a master prestidigitator like that would have a smoother alibi, like, "Baby, they've got it all wrong. Cameron Diaz isn't doing Criss Angel. She's doing a Charlie's Angels sequel. That's a typo, baby! Hey, what's this I see behind your ear? It's a diamond tennis bracelet!"

Now his wife is going to saw his bank account in two.

No Angel, indeed.

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