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The Fray at Jones Beach

July 5, 2007 @ 5:10am

Ok Go ended up not being the opening act for the rescheduled The Fray concert at Jones Beach. Instead it was Cary Brothers, who has had decent success with a song on the legendary Garden State soundtrack and at least one other recent release that I've heard on The Peak. I'm sure he has a lot of trouble with that name. Everyone was wondering who "The Cary Brothers" were. It's not so tragic that we missed Ok Go. I expect to see them someday on a club tour.*

We took both kids and their headphones to the show and they had a great time running around the VIP area, which closed down early. The headphones were the same ones that Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter wore while watching her Coldplay dad on stage at Live8. Niki and I both covered that on different blogs years ago and now we have a pair for each of our kids. We got them for fireworks season, but they came in handy for the concert.

The Fray covered the Wyclef Jean and Shakira hit Hips Don't Lie and they did a respectable job.

Personally, I was hoping Justin Timberlake would come out and duet on How To Save A Life:

Step one, you say we need to talk.
Step two, you cut a hole in a box.
Step three, he smiles politely back at you.
Step four, you put your junk in a box.

It would have been legendary!

* That's Ok Go's inevitable "health club tour". I guarantee it will save them a fortune not having to haul those four treadmills all across the country. "Ok Go appearing at a Bally's near you." It's a genius idea. I should be a consultant to rock stars!

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