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Dreams without sushi

July 6, 2007 @ 11:46am

It turns out that my recent vivid dreams are not just caused by sushi. My mind must have too little stress now that I'm back in the startup world to spend all night thinking about Blogsmith, so it's wandering and telling me stories.

I was driving along with Niki and some friends. We were on our way to a kids movie and Niki was explaining that it was a children's story about the bear who lives near a gas station. He is watching some people in a van fill their tank and he notices that one of their tires needs air. Being a helpful bear who has watched many flats get fixed, he tries to change it for them and somehow all eleven people in the van die so he gets in the van and goes on the run because there are two witnesses.

I jokingly asked her if the bear's name was Murdock and if his friends Hannibal, Face and B.A. joined him on his flight from the law.

Niki didn't think that was funny primarily because the A-Team was falsely accused. This bear was actually responsible for the deaths of eleven people. Not similar at all -- got it!

She explained that it was all filmed Polar Express-style using motion capture with real actors and that the lead bear was the one that killed Timothy Treadwell in his documentary Grizzly Man, so it is like art imitating life.

Niki told us that the bear brings a lot of real-life guilt and anguish to the part and you can see it in his eyes on the close-ups.

That's all I remember from this one. I wish I knew what this animated bear movie was called!

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