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July 16, 2007 @ 2:33pm

TV Squad listed their Ten funniest substance abusers on TV. I agree with the commenters that Karen Walker from Will & Grace should have been on there and that Daphne's brother from Frasier was missing as well -- although he cleaned up his act and became a successful government agent who tracks down missing persons, so maybe he doesn't count?

Over on Autoblog Green, I learned that Barak Obama swapped his hemi for a hybrid. Eventually, everyone in the public eye who is not in Chumbawamba or some faux punk band will need to at least pretend to care about the Earth.

And in case Mike missed it, Slashfood has a collection of Harry Potter recipes. That reminds me: our family ate at Mystic Pizza last night on the way home from our vacation and, as always, we loved it.

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