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Hold the Line

July 20, 2007 @ 11:42am

I saw a urinal in Cape Cod last weekend that surprisingly wasn't made by American Standard, who seemed to have a lock on the business. This one was made by a company named Toto.

When I looked up the band Toto on Wikipedia to find a suitable song title to use for the title of this post, I was happy to learn that the name of the band Toto caused some giggles on their first Japanese tour in 1979, since Toto is Japan's largest toilet manufacturer. I can't wait to try out for Jeopardy now.

Regardless of my Jeopardy status, I have sent an email to the manufacturer telling them about my idea for their new line of Toto urinals called "The Whizzer of Ahs".

Should I really be giving these killer business ideas away for free on the Internet?

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