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Uncle spam

July 23, 2007 @ 7:07am

A long, long time ago I was ranting about spam and hinted that I would be trying out an anti-spam system that one of my favorite geniuses had built.

The exact product is enemieslist, by Steve Champeon. It's a full-featured tool that works to eliminate the spam from compromised "zombie" PCs among other things. The trouble for me is that his system is for sendmail only. I've used at least a dozen different Windows-based mail products -- including Merak Mail, IMail, MailMax, Exchange and Eudora Worldmail -- and on the Linux side I've only used qmail.

Finally getting out of the "manage your own mail server" game, I will be moving a bunch of my less-used mail domains to Google Apps soon, so there doesn't seem to be any sendmail or enemieslist in my future. The only drawback of this move to Google Apps is that I believe in Steve and would love to see how his spam-fighting tools perform on some of my older heavily spammed domains. The logic behind his solution is solid.

Maybe Google should acquire enemieslist.

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