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LinkedIn logs

July 27, 2007 @ 6:46am

An article on Mashable a few days back reported that LinkedIn has seen a 323% increase in traffic and a recent burst as they announced plans to open up their network with an API just like Facebook did. I, as you might expect, fully believe that their surge is related to me becoming a member.

I resisted joining LinkedIn for years and finally did so two or three months ago. Adding contacts from companies I used to work at is addictive, like trying to get a high score in a video game. You send invitations, watch them get accepted and wonder why some people you know -- like Nick Bradbury -- aren't on there for you to connect with.

I also joined Facebook since it's supposedly "where everyone is at these days," but I found that LinkedIn as a web app just makes more sense to me. There are many simple actions that I try to do on the college-focused Facebook site that elude me. Maybe it has just been too many years since I've graduated college.

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