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The master linkbaiter

July 29, 2007 @ 4:18pm

Jason recently turned off comments on his blog, linking to a Joel on Software post about Dave Winer's opinion that comments are not so important for blogs. In fact, he argues they can bring the usefulness of the conversation and overall editorial quality of a blog down, if that's possible.

He also links to me when he says:

I wish someone would make a new platform to end all platforms. One that could be invite only comments and one that helped me express myself better.

I'm not sure that it's something I'm heading towards -- and I'm not making a joke about helping Jason express himself better.

I agree that dealing with lousy comments and constant comment policing can be a drain for even the best-staffed team blogs, but turning them off isn't the answer. Having an invitation system is one kind of solution, but it makes a barrier to entry for new people to add their comments. In fact, I'm adding anonymous moderated comments into my new platform because I want to eliminate these kinds of barriers and increase participation. The downside is that there's more work for the team, but that can be solved with great tools.

So maybe it is something I'm heading towards.

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