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Ace and Gary

July 30, 2007 @ 3:14pm

I was wandering around the convention floor at San Diego Comic-Con and saw a painting from across the room that looked like an Alex Ross painting. Before my long break from comics, he painted a series of comic books called Marvels for Marvel and another for DC called Kingdom Come. In both of them Ross re-interpreted superheroes in a style that was photorealistic and timelessly heroic.

What caught my eye was that this painting looked like The Ambiguously Gay Duo, the cartoon heroes from Saturday Night Live. Sure enough, it really was an Alex Ross painting of Ace and Gary hanging -- or should I say hung -- in cartoonist JJ Sedelmaier's booth. JJ even posed for next to it for me.

Besides the photo of me with Stan Lee, this was my favorite image from SDCC.

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