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Next big things

August 15, 2007 @ 9:53am

After a week in San Diego and a long weekend in Chicago, I am all conned out. No more conventions until November for me, when I'll be speaking at one.

I was thinking about going to Jeffrey's An Event Apart in Chicago at the end of the month, but we have a follow up doctor's appointment to check on the progress of our eleventh pregnancy that day and I'd like to be there for it.

That means I probably won't be going to Jason's TechCrunch20, which is just as well. I would probably show up wearing a t-shirt that says "Jason Calacanis is spamming me right now." Or maybe that will be an old joke when September rolls around.

Speaking of guys who I love like a brother, Jeffrey was surprised to find out the other day that Mahalo is a Jason-owned site. Jeffrey briefly reviewed Mahalo on his site and he even added his Mahalo profile to his list of related links in his own site's about page. I just assumed Jeffrey was aware of Mahalo because it was Jason's next big thing, but he found out about it when someone sent him a link to his own profile page. It's nice to see that the site has marketing power beyond stories about Jason.

Anyway, I'm back at my desk, no more flights planned for me.

Time to get my own next big thing out the door.

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