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Michael on Michael

August 25, 2007 @ 7:40pm

Michael Larizza was our friend who owned the kennel near our house. He died last November and his sister Gina left a comment on my blog post about Michael saying that he would have had his 48th birthday this week.

He loved dogs more than anyone I know and I'm sure he would have had plenty to say about Michael Vick and dog fighting.

If you stumbled across my blog and you were considering buying a Michael Vick jersey to ship to the Atlanta humane society or buying chewed-up, overpriced Michael Vick trading cards on eBay, maybe you'd consider making a donation to Michael's Take The Lead charity instead. That way you're taking care of someone who truly loves dogs instead of spending money to try and send a message to a guy who has either finally figured out how serious this all is or, if he hasn't yet, is never going to.

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