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Michael Vick Day

August 25, 2007 @ 8:21am

Today is Michael Vick Day at The Brian Alvey Weblog. I hope it's just as critically acclaimed and fondly remembered as All Comics Day was.

In case you don't know anything at all about Michael Vick, here's a recap from my point of view. Michael Vick played quarterback for two years at my dad's school, Virginia Tech. Since my wife is an FSU fan, we were at the Superdome in New Orleans and we got to see Vick play in the Sugar Bowl against FSU in 2000. Vick lead a huge comeback from 21 points down to take the lead, but FSU came back and won. He was on the cover of Sports Illustrated with a lightning bolt behind him, looking like a hero who was going to breathe new life into the NFL with his good throwing arm and stellar rushing abilities.

In the NFL draft, Vick was sort of traded for LaDainian Tomlinson -- a star from my college for one from my dad's -- and ended up on the Atlanta Falcons. A few years later he got a whopping $130 million for a ten year contract and a bunch of endorsement deals. Vick had some knee injuries and disappeared from my radar until the stories about Vick funding a dog fighting operation on property he owned in Virginia surfaced in April.

For a while it seemed like Vick wasn't taking the situation seriously, but after police raids on his property found more than fifty dogs along with many carcasses, after witnesses agreed to testify and after his three co-defendants all pleaded guilty detailing how they executed underperforming dogs with Vick, Michael Vick announced he would enter a guilty plea in federal court on Monday.

Vick faces more than a year of federal prison time and part of the plea deal seems to be designed to get out of various state charges which have been reported to carry up to 40 years of jail time.

Now he's taking it seriously.

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