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Katrina's 2nd Anniversary

August 29, 2007 @ 10:16am

Blogging New Orleans is remembering Katrina with a marathon of posts.

Mike, who was also a great Flash blogger, explains their 24 hours of Katrina.

It's mesmerizing for an outsider like me to view post after post, follow links to other dedicated Katrina news services and flip through photos in the Blogging New Orleans Flickr pool.

This one about the door scrawl phenomenon and how the doors are a badge of honor that many people refuse to clean was particularly striking. So was Kelly Leahy's post about how she had to leave the area with her 11-day-old daughter:

"I have to say she proved to be a great distraction from CNN. Her first bath was in a hotel sink. By the time she was was seven weeks old she had been on an airplane, had five different residences and traveled through six different states."


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