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The 40 Year Old Sturgeon

September 5, 2007 @ 4:02pm

We have had a couple of pet fish in the last few years and some last longer than others. I always looked at it as a lesson for kids about how life is unfair. You get a fish and you follow the feeding instructions and no matter what they aren't going to make it half a year before going belly up.

DIY Life has a good post on how to give your goldfish a long life. Tips include having ten gallons of water per fish, changing up the scenery so they don't get bored and feeding them a special goldfish-only diet.

My original reaction to the DIY Life launch was that I didn't like the design. Then a recent post on Preventing a Bridezilla got this biting comment: "Bridezillas.... What does this have to do with DIY. Didn't take long for this site to Jump the Shark..." and I sort of wrote the site off.

But when I jumped back in today and read this nice little tip on keeping your fish alive, I poked around the site a little more and for some reason I'm having a really positive reaction to the design. Tons of space is wasted at the top for the AOL Living branding -- at least in IE -- and they need to get rid of the dashed line below the top leaderboard ad, but I'm now a fan of the headings and folded corner effects on the posts.

Maybe it was just me all along.

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