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Get a Hummer from Fergie

September 7, 2007 @ 1:36pm

Over on AutoblogGreen, they have some news about the eBay auction of Fergie's Hummer H2. The pop star is auctioning her gas guzzler off for an eco-friendly charity and it's current bid is more than $50,000.

My first reaction was the same one I have when I think of trading in my SUV for a hybrid. Someone else will be driving around my SUV, so I'm not really saving the planet.

But her auction details explain:

"The cynic may say that this is just transferring the negative effects of the vehicle to someone else, but in supporting Global Green USA, the charity is donating carbon emission credits for 10 years to offset the impact and in addition it is using the money to work on the important issue of climate change."

I wonder if I can do that with my car when I trade it in.

I wonder if this is the car she drove home from her infamous stage leak concert.

I wonder if that would make the Hummer sell for less money or more?

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