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The 2007 MTV Video Music Awards sucked

September 10, 2007 @ 6:18am

Niki told me they shortened the MTV VMA show from three hours down to two and limited it to only eight awards. Wow. If they trimmed out a couple hundred commercials, they could have fit it into a half hour.

Britney Spear's hyped opening act was horrible. Britney reminded me of those sad, lonely Anna Nicole Smith home videos where she missed her mouth and put lipstick around her eye and babbled into the camera while passing out. Britney's body wasn't ready for that outfit, her lip synching skills were poor and you couldn't really call what she was doing dancing. It was more like sleepwalking.

Of course it wasn't the first time I've been underwhelmed by her big opening.

What a mess. The rest of the show was pretty lousy. Sarah Silverman's monologue had a couple of good jokes, but it was equally slow and painful. She started off by picking on Britney, which came off as cheap because Britney had just flushed the remains of her career down the toilet.

The highlights of Sarah's act:

Chris Brown's dance performance was the highlight of the night. Also up there was Alicia Keys doing George Michael's Freedom! '90.

In the pre-show they promised something like five different Foo Fighters collaborations and in a way that only MTV can they cut into the tail end of Cee-Lo and the Foo Fighters doing Prince's Darling Nikki and then went back to the awards.

Didn't MTV learn anything from their horrible Live8 coverage? At least they didn't talk over the 60 seconds of that song they actually broadcast.

Here's another loser move: MTV gave people the ability to embed video segments from the performance into their blogs, just like YouTube does. But if you did put these videos into your blog like this one did, none of them are playable this morning. They all show the message "This video available only on, your next video will begin shortly". Those embeddable videos lasted for less than 12 hours? Was it just a scam to get people to link to

Update: Debbie, the blogger I linked to, removed the bait-and-switch video player code from her post and added a YouTube video and links out to a couple of the videos on MTV's site instead. She also added a comment below.

If this was their attempt at winning back an audience that had given up on them, then MTV failed as poorly as Britney did.

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