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Outed on Twitter

September 12, 2007 @ 10:06am

My wife guessed my Twitter address and followed me. One of my favorite web designers found me from her blog and followed me.

So I came out of the Twitter closet and followed a bunch of people I like.

Does this mean I don't think Twitter is for teenage girls anymore? No. It is still a great service for teenage girls, but as Jeffrey said it's also a good "bon mot generator." It's also a logged semi-public chat room and the variety of ways to get content in are impressive: IM; text messages from my phone; through their web page; by fax; pigeon; telepathy and more.

Plus I can do "My Favorite Tweets" recaps like Matt does:

Update: No that status message above where the girl is drunk is not about me cheating on my pregnant wife. It's a line from that big Carrie Underwood song. It just fit my theme that day -- wondering why Twitter asks "What are you doing?" when people are going to use it like an instant messaging service. Good grief.

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