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Kerpoof at TechCrunch40

September 18, 2007 @ 11:58am

This product was fun. Kerpoof is a fun online environment for kids to make pictures and movies. Their CEO Krista Marks was great on stage and even though she described it as an "IDE for kids" that teaches them object oriented programming, trust me: kids can use it.

My four year old son just started an enrichment class in pre-school with computers and his teachers were blown away by his laptop skills -- until they saw his younger brother who just turned two use a mouse to drag strawberries around the screen. Then they were impressed!

Just a few years ago kids computer classes had to start with training on how to use a mouse and a keyboard. Nowadays I guess kids are skipping straight to learning Photoshop and Ajax.

I'm looking forward to unleashing my kids on Kerpoof.

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