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TechCrunch40 and Xobni

September 18, 2007 @ 10:28am

At the end of the night last night, six of us went down the whole list of companies which presented on day one at TechCrunch40 and we found a total of five we liked.

The first presenter this morning was probably better than any of yesterday's. It's called Xobni, which is inbox spelled backwards. It extracts some great contact and relationship information from your email stream.

Their partner Matt was a great presenter and he name-checked five industry players during his walkthrough. The product was impressive and the only drawback was that it's an Outlook-only plug in, but they plan on being in other clients soon. At least with Outlook you get the ability to work offline. If the conference stopped right now, they'd have my vote.

The other five we agreed were decent yesterday were (in order of appearance):

Our runners up for day one were Cast TV, MusicShake and Cake Financial.

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