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Mr. Choketober

October 6, 2007 @ 10:45am

Earlier today I twittered this:

Not a big fan of Mr. Choketober right now. Some offense from our regular season MVP could have meant a win. That and no plague of insects...

Niki asked me if people were actually calling A-Rod "Mr. Choketober" and I told her I hadn't seen it anywhere. I just figured that Reggie Jackson was "Mr. October" in 1977, Derek Jeter was "Mr. November" in 2001 and that makes Alex Rodriguez "Mr. Choketober" until he proves otherwise.

A Google search for the term finds a total of 74 pages with the word "choketober" in them. The top result is for a guy who used it as his own nickname in forums, but couple of them are people in message boards applying it to A-Rod like I did.

So I'm not the first, but I'm pretty early on this one. Not like that whole press button, receive bacon thing.

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