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Building teams and hunting for designers

October 16, 2007 @ 9:51am

I've built a couple of great teams over the last few years, but they were attached to Blogsmith and Netscape (now Propeller) so they all work at AOL now. I don't.

As I was building the new Crowd Fusion platform and putting together the new ComicMix site, I knew I had to assemble another team of hard-working geniuses. After a depressing couple of months over the summer where I didn't think I'd ever find a stable designer again, I've finally got a decent core team and things are starting to move quickly. It doesn't even take that many people to get things moving well — just the right people.

I still need a couple of designers, but now I've got someone who can do expert-level markup so I don't need designers who can do CSS or XHTML well — or at all. I just need to find some designers who know their way around Illustrator and Photoshop and can focus on design instead of code.

Those should be much easier to find, right?

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