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XM Radio on my BlackBerry Curve

October 16, 2007 @ 3:51pm

After my three-year-old BlackBerry 7100 died last week, I compared new phones and ended up choosing the BlackBerry Curve over the iPhone. I didn't get the one with wi-fi since part of the upgrade had to include getting off of T-Mobile's lousy coverage in my neighborhood. And in nearby cities. And in buildings I visit in NYC.

I haven't taken a full tour of the Curve yet, but I'm loving it. One bonus feature was that it does streaming audio from XM Radio and in stereo with two ear buds. I've gotten addicted to XM channels like Flight 26 which come with our DirecTV satellite service. For eight dollars a month I can get XM on my phone.

I've only done the three-day free trial, but if I can convince myself that I'll be stuck needing a radio often I will definitely add the XM plan.

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