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Living Loving MP3 (She's Just A Download)

October 17, 2007 @ 2:52pm

It was either that title or Sampled Underfoot. I think I made the right call.

According to The New York Times article Led Zeppelin to Make Its Songs Available Digitally, Led Zeppelin is finally making their catalog available for download. Some people might argue that the songs have been available digitally for a very long time on compact discs which are digital, but those people would just be getting their kicks by being right and making fun of bad copywriters. Anyway, that leaves the Beatles as the only major band whose stuff I can't legally get online.

Soon the mighty Zep will be putting out ringtones and then on November 13 their albums will appear on iTunes and my Yahoo Jukebox service -- if it's still around. (Every time I get a login failure I wonder, "Maybe today is the day they finally pulled the plug on it?")

I've been listening to music online for so long that I've probably forgotten half of their songs. I wonder if apathy is going to factor into their iTunes success. They'll probably set download records in spite of the long wait. Heck, there might be fans who buy a computer just to get the MP3s.

PS -- The best title I could do on their ringtones news was Going To Cell Phone Ya.

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