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ComicMix so far

October 22, 2007 @ 11:23am

We launched our online comics three weeks ago tomorrow and the reception has been positive. We made some minor tweaks to our online reader so you can automatically go from one issue to the next and we have a lot more planned. I've mentioned in a couple of places that we probably hid more features than we are actually showing. Some of them needed to wait until we had enough data to make sense -- like a listing of all of our issues -- and other are waiting for even more data to arrive.

The gap between launching Phase One (our blog) and Phase Two (online comics) was nearly eight months. Most of that was because I had a day job, but it was also because a ton of work had to be done to get the Crowd Fusion platform ready for prime time. Certain things are still being done manually, but that's changing every day. We've given ourselves about a month in between each of our next three phases, so it's a really exciting time right now.

We're adding more freelance talent to the platform every week and finally starting to hit the kind of speed that my old Blogsmith and Netscape teams ran at in their heydays -- with fewer people and no AOL full-time salaries or safety net.

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