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Boy calls 911 on his drunk driving mom

October 23, 2007 @ 12:12pm

I read a story a few years back where a guy called 911 from his cell phone to report that a bunch of people are swerving and driving like maniacs on the highway and when the cops caught up with him it was the caller himself who was drunk.

Today's story takes that to the next level. An eight-year-old boy used his mom's cell phone to tell police that she wasn't "acting normal" as she drove him and his five-year-old brother around erratically. The mom grabbed the phone from him and told 911 not to worry and hung up the call. Her son called 911 again and his mom hung up the call again. At one point she bit his hand to get the cell phone away from him!

The woman's last name was Spears. Surprisingly, her first name was not Britney.

Paulette Lynn Spears was arrested on charges including suspicion of drunk driving, two counts of reckless endangerment and assault on a child. Her sons were placed with an aunt.

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