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October 25, 2007 @ 11:03am

Rudy Guiliani is identified with two things: 9/11 and the Yankees. Okay, he is also synonymous with chasing out the squeegee men, divorce and prostate cancer, but primarily people would say it's 9/11 and the Yankees.

When did he decide to hire the same career manager Britney Spears uses where any kind of attention is the good kind?

The multiple staged cell phone calls from his wife during speeches were embarrassing. Now he's a Red Sox fan? Because deep down he's really an American League fan? Are you kidding me? I know he's campaigning in New England, but what does this say about him as presidential material?

Maybe if he had just made some positive, supportive comments about the Red Sox -- but the outfit and sign just make him look like a fool. and are both available. If he becomes the Republican candidate I expect they'll both be snapped up and turned into blogs that follow his every move.

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