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Things I know about sports (part two)

October 26, 2007 @ 3:05pm

By popular demand, I have written a sequel to Things I know about sports (part one), originally published roughly thirty-eight months ago.

The third thing I know about sports is this: the next Yankee manager will not last very long. I don't know the details of Don Mattingly's passionate plea for the job, but my personal choices for manager out of the three candidates would be made in this order:

  1. Tony Peña
  2. Joe Girardi
  3. Don Mattingly

If they do hire either Mattingly or Peña, I hope they keep Girardi around. I know Peña has said he would like to stay around even if he isn't chosen, but I'm not sure Girardi will do the same. That's too bad since I expect the next Yankee manager to be a rebound relationship after Joe Torre lasting at most two years and I'd like to eventually see Girardi manage the team if they don't pick him immediately.

The fourth thing I know about sports is this: the Red Sox are not the new Yankees. They are not the new "evil empire" of baseball. The Red Sox are simply the Detroit Pistons of baseball. As the Detroit Pistons of baseball, the only team who can beat the Red Sox is the Red Sox.

They seem to be able to turn it on and off at will. Down three games to one in a series? No big deal. Down three-and-a-half games to none in a series? Again, no reason to panic. The frustrating thing about that is that it means those three games they lost they just didn't show up. The same ace starting pitchers who lose games one and two for them come back and dominate in games five and six. Unreal.

I could go one step further and say that the Colorado Rockies are the Cleveland Cavaliers of baseball -- a young team in its first ever world series appearance, but the Rockies don't have a single "LeBron James" megastar player.

Maybe if they were a bunch of unknowns plus Alex Rodriguez you could make that comparison. But if they had A-Rod, they wouldn't be in the world series. Go figure.

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