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The Best of TBAW: February 2004

November 9, 2007 @ 7:10pm

The writers strike continues and so do the TBAW reruns. In case you were wondering like my dad, that last post about the Aqua Dots recall didn't require a team of comedy writers.

February started off with a fake post about me possibly selling my fake animated blogosphere movie, Finding Mena. I loved the additional movie titles suggested in the comments like Winer the Pooh, 101 Doctorows and Instapundahontas. It's a mystery to me how out of the two of us Jason is the one who ended up living in Hollywood!

Next I gave GoDaddy some grief for not warning me that their email was going into AOL's spam filters in "Don't give us $16. Give our competitor $70 instead." The funny thing about that was one a reader warning me that "it is your responsibility not to use AOL for anything that matters." Funny because I ended up working for AOL for a year and a half.

The Bon Jovi Code (or Wanted Dead Or Alive) was an exploration of my international murder mystery novel revolving around 80's songs. It was similar to a pretty popular Dan Brown story you might have heard of called The DaVinci Code, but it my story rocked like a cowboy from New Jersey. Working on the docks. Riding on a steel horse.

The month ended with our first of what would be many trips to the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando for Niki's brother's wedding. We'll be there again this Thanksgiving and we've even had a Blogsmith/Netscape CodeJam there. On that first trip I was fascinated by how everything was a rock and roll song lyric -- like how the front desk would end a phone call with "Take it easy, Mr. Alvey." I love that place.

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