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The Best of TBAW: March 2004

November 13, 2007 @ 10:01am

Today my dad sent me a story about TV blogs showing their support for the writers guild strike by not posting new content. Instead they are showing notices about the strike and their support of it.

The coolest thing is that the article ended with this line about the bloggers:

21 entertainment blogs and counting will go dark in a few hours. With the story of their protest getting considerable online pickup, let's see if they can all withstand that that meth-like blogger urge to post content tomorrow as their traffic surges.

You've got to love someone who compares blogging to a meth addiction.

Continuing the reruns, here's a recap of March of 2004.

In Happy New Gear! I celebrated our addition of Engadget and Peter Rojas to the Weblogs, Inc. Network.

A few days later I picked apart Martha Stewart's landmark "I am a clone" legal defense:

Martha's clone was convicted and is going to jail because she either couldn't get the jury to believe that a criminal mastermind billionaire would have herself cloned to avoid doing prison time or the jury was sci-fi savvy enough to understand this one key fact:

By the time the real Martha Stewart cloned herself she was already guilty. Therefore, any clone would be just as guilty as the original Martha Stewart.


Of course this was me being a goofball and pretending to misinterpret her selling shares of "ImClone" stock.

I heard a goodbye yodel from the flight attendant on my trip to Austin to speak at SxSW and when I got back I wrapped up some pre-Weblogs projects like my final two Blogstakes contests.

I need to bring my old Blogstakes and Meet The Makers pages back online again someday. Maybe after the writers strike ends and my team comes back from picketing I can free up some time for that.

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