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The Best of TBAW: April 2004

November 14, 2007 @ 4:09am

Reruns on TBAW continue as the writers strike shows no signs of resolution.

April of 2004 opened with an ode to two of my favorite breakfasts: the super-deadly McDonald's McGriddle and the Dune Breakfast at The Ocean Club in the Bahamas. Since I wrote that post I have eaten neither breakfast. I'm not even sure the Dune Breakfast still exists. Damn.

After that I wrote "Darby Conley is my best friend" -- probably one of the most commented on posts ever on my blog. Darby Conley is the writer/artist responsible for the Get Fuzzy comic strip.

I spent two mornings commuting to CT in a rental car listening to fake radio show cursing and proclaimed my love for the band Cake long before Chuck came along.

I ended April with a story about how cool it was to see things that I had designed get mentioned in newspapers or on TV. Niki had just sent me a link to an online video (now long gone) from Extra TV which showed screen shots from Mark Cuban's Blog Maverick in the background. I remembered seeing it shown on ESPN's Sports Center, but I had forgotten that it was shown on Extra way back when.

That sort of thing never gets old.

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