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The Best of TBAW: August 2004

November 17, 2007 @ 8:51am

Continuing the writer strike reruns of TBAW, we roll into August with force.

The A-Team was cleared of all charges and could finally stop running from Colonel Decker. I pitied the fool who didn't get that this only happened because it was an election year.

My cousin Carl got married in China. Sadly, I wasn't there to warn everyone about the elephants. They were wearing disguises, but if you look closely in the background of my photo you might be able to spot one of them.

In "No can do", the U.S. military banned Coca-Cola products -- including their new C2 flavor -- which were part of a contest involving cell phones and RFID chips in the cans. My investigations uncovered the real reason that the military was freaking out:

Well, they finally figured out what was going on. It had nothing to do with cell phones or GPS chips. Somebody was worried that if you put two cans of C2 next to each other, you get C-4.

Finally, the Dream Team of U.S. basketball came home with the bronze in "That's why they call it LeBron's medal." That featured a great photo of Stephon Marbury dressed up as a bridesmaid. My wishing them "better luck next year" must have really stung since we all knew they'd have to wait four more years to get another crack at the gold.

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