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Putting Netscape out of its misery

December 30, 2007 @ 8:28am

Tom Drapeau did a post on AOL dropping the Netscape browser on the Netscape (not Propeller?) blog. One of my ComicMix partners sent me a note lamenting the death of Netscape which read:

"Another notch on Microsoft's belt..."

I haven't thought of this as an IE vs. Netscape thing for years. My reply:

"This one was on AOL's belt. Or, more accurately, what's left of AOL's belt. There have been a lot of notches in that thing..."

I made reference to AOL's reputation as the place "where brands go to die" in my April Fool's post about leaving AOL, which was followed by the real one two months later.

To be fair, Weblogs, Inc. survived the recent AOL cutbacks because it's a solid, profitable business and Blogsmith is thriving as a platform within AOL. It would be great to see AOL shed their reputation for killing brands they acquire.

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