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Banning live-blogging from sports? Good luck.

January 2, 2008 @ 2:31pm

I saw a good article on ReadWriteWeb covering the NCAA's "draconian policy prohibiting live blogging." You can make it more difficult to live-blog, but with iPhones, other smart phones and ultraportable laptops with EVDO, you can't really stop it completely.

A policy that limits live-blogging to credentialed bloggers and no more than "3 blogs per quarter and one at half-time" is idiotic. First off, they probably mean blog posts, not blogs. TV Squad is a blog.

When Engadget covers a Steve Jobs keynote, they do it all in one blog post. So how are they going to track updates? What if the blogger doesn't time stamp them?

The article also compares the anti-live blogging efforts to the RIAA, but it's not like live bloggers are streaming video from a game. They're describing it in text!

If the NCAA is truly emulating the recording industry here, does that mean that they'll be out of business a decade from now too?

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