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Crowd Fusion progress

January 18, 2008 @ 10:23am

Crowd Fusion is making great progress and one day might even have its own website.

My recent quests for developers and designers have been really fruitful. I never heard back about the email spamming problem so I didn't post my job descriptions to 37signals again. I guess I figured that everything in Ruby on Rails takes only a few seconds and updates would be instantaneous, but that's silly of me. And snarky.

I did hunt for skilled candidates in Emurse again. I uncovered around 40 people whose skill tag clouds I liked and I contacted them. More than half accepted my connection requests and I added hour-long developer and designer calls to my already jammed days. Out of those interviews came:

I was already excited about Crowd Fusion before these interviews, but in the last few (blogging-free) weeks we've added some killer talent and managed to get a few more customers and investors interested in what we're doing without reaching out to them.

Now I just need to find a catch-phrase like "Excelsior!" or "To infinity and beyond!" that I can use at the end of these upbeat cheerleading posts.

Any suggestions?

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