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Microsoft's bid for Yahoo

February 1, 2008 @ 7:44am

It's no coincidence that on same day we launch a simple one-page website for my new company Crowd Fusion Microsoft panics and plans to join forces with Yahoo.

In their official news release, Microsoft mentions how "the market is increasingly dominated by one player" as a significant motivating force. I think we all know that they're talking about Crowd Fusion and I must say that it's flattering.

TechCrunch zeroes in on that one line as well, but they don't mention us by name.

On Yahoo's own news site, the AP story explains that Steve Ballmer will not be taking no for an answer. Seriously, how did Microsoft even find out about my new company?

Giant Internet companies are not normally known for being so quick to react.

Kudos, Ballmer.

The game is on.

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