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Rick Marshall is on Comicmix

February 9, 2008 @ 5:22am

Back in November, I saw that Rick Marshall had been fired from Wizard Universe, the website run by one of the biggest trade publications in the comic book space. They offered him a choice when they let him go: get two weeks severance for "future cooperation" and not making disparaging remarks or get no severance at all. They weren't interested in negotiating the number of weeks so he took the option where he didn't have to remain silent and did a great interview with Tom Spurgeon at Comics Reporter.

On his own blog, Rick collected many of the encouraging quotes he received including anonymous excerpts from some of his Wizard co-workers.

ComicMix recently hired Rick as our online managing editor. In the Publisher's Weekly comments about Rick's hiring, someone actually offered to have Rick's baby. As long as it doesn't distract him from cranking out comic news and helping us with some pretty ambitious editorial plans, I'm okay with it.

Over on Fleen's webcomics blog, Rick's hiring was described in more colorful language:

Rick Marshall - who along with Brian Warmoth successfully de-suckified Wizard's website and was dejobbed for his trouble - has landed at ComicMix, where he is contributing up a storm and taking on the position of Online Managing Editor.

Rick is tearing it up over on ComicMix. Recent email from our comic book journalism peers says ComicMix is becoming a very interesting read. Coincidence?

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