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This is not a redesign of my blog

May 19, 2008 @ 4:36pm

Really, it's my blog's first ever design.

My original blog at was just another Weblogs, Inc. subdomain site in the standard maroon and grey with rounded corners look I gave them all. You could call that one WIN Mark I.

Later on when I did the designs for Cinematical and TV Squad, we gave the old subdomain blogs a very simple variation on those looks with just a green logo. Up until last week, my blog looked a lot like The RSS Weblog still does today — WIN Mark II. So my site was sharing a design with a bunch of blogs that were retired nearly two years ago!

I wanted my blog to tell people more about me and do a better job of pointing readers to the many projects I'm involved in or ones my friends are doing which I endorse. Now it does. It was designed by a great designer we're working with named Kyle and it runs on our Crowd Fusion platform, of course.

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