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Hulk movie mania

June 12, 2008 @ 8:47am

I saw in my feed reader that Cinematical picked up our ComicMix article listing all the Hulk comics you should read to get up to speed on the character before seeing the movie that opens tomorrow. When I clicked through I saw that Cinematical had redesigned. Wow, Cinematical looks great! I love the tabs at the top and the comment form now lets you comment as a new member, an existing member or using your AOL screen name. Very slick.

Cinematical also has a good review of the Hulk movie. ComicMix has a great round-up of Hulk movie news including details on the Captain America Hulk cameo which Cinematical covered as well. It seems that the cameo got left on the cutting room floor. Bruce Banner had traveled to the arctic, probably to end his own life, and meets up with Captain America. They say the clip will appear on the DVD and maybe on the Internet. My thought isn't that Banner and Cap have a conversation. I am certain Banner sees (or maybe only the audience sees) Captain America frozen in a block of ice, waiting to be thawed out in his own movie.

One more incredible ComicMix Hulk item. Matt Raub interviewed Hulk producers Kevin Feige and Gale Anne Hurd and director Louis Leterrier on ComicMix TV. I've embedded it here. Enjoy.

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