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Congratulations Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett

June 17, 2008 @ 9:24pm

I'm not usually one to cheer on a Boston sports team, but I enjoyed watching the Celtics trounce the Lakers in the Finals.

First, KG deserved a championship. Like he said in his mostly incoherent post game interview, he is now "certified."

Second, I love Doc Rivers. I was at MSG for his final game ever as a player. As I recall, he was on the Knicks and he went down under one of the baskets with an injury and they carried him off the court and he never, ever played again. (Wikipedia says he spent one more season as a bench player for the Spurs, but we all know that the Wikipedia is full of bogus information. I will have to go correct his entry later tonight.)

Anyway, congrats to Doc, KG, Celtic-lifer Paul Pierce and 3-point machine Ray Allen on beating L.A.

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