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Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and Joss Whedon on ComicMix

July 15, 2008 @ 9:13am

I love Neil Patrick Harris. I met him a few years ago at Virgil's BBQ in the city and told him how much I enjoyed his short-lived show Stark Raving Mad. Neil played the book agent to Tony Shaloub's best-selling horror author and it was hilarious. He said he loved it too and was sad it didn't last.

Of course, then we wouldn't have Tony Shaloub's wicked Monk or NPH's legendary Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother.

Anyway, Joss Whedon, of Buffy TV fame, has a new Internet show that debuts today called Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and it stars NPH. He talked to ComicMix's Rick Marshall about the show. I can't wait to see it.

Doctor Horrible isn't loading for me right now, but our ComicMix interview is. Go check it out!


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