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Obsessable is live!

September 24, 2008 @ 7:09am

After a surprisingly small amount of time in development, our first Crowd Fusion site was launched yesterday evening. It's called Obsessable and it covers personal technology. Even though ComicMix runs as a customer on the Crowd Fusion platform, Obsessable is the first site to really take advantage of both the news/blogging tools and the collaborative database/wiki tools.

Here is Obsessable's blog format news listing, for people who like to read the whole site in a single page.

Here are some of my favorite product profiles:

I have all of those devices except the unreleased Storm and the Android phone. Maybe I'm more of a gadget junkie than I thought I was.

And here's the first application that we've built on top of our data, the comparator:

And there is so much more coming. I'm already taking my "before" screen shots.

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