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Twitter search

October 15, 2008 @ 8:25am

CNET reported that a leaked screen shot confirms that Twitter will be adding a Summize search box to their site.

No fair. I called it first!

I thought I was the only person who put these facts together:

  1. Twitter had no content search, just a frustrating "Find People" feature.
  2. Twitter raised millions of dollars.
  3. Twitter bought Summize, a Twitter-only search service.
  4. Therefore, Twitter will be putting a new Summize-powered search box on Twitter.

For the record, I also predicted that Apple would eventually be announcing new MacBook laptop models.

(And within minutes of their announcement, Obsessable added landing pages with new Apple MacBook details and new Apple MacBook Pro product features.)

I also predicted that Mahalo links would appear on the site after Mahalo bought Hack A Day. Fortunately, they aren't random links to crazy unrelated pages about how to make iced tea. They're actually useful to the HAD audience. Things like 3g iphone hacks and how to format a hard drive. Nicely done.

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