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Cyber Monday

December 1, 2008 @ 6:09am

I had never heard the phrase Cyber Monday before this Thanksgiving, but apparently it has been around for a few years. Following the in-store insanity of Black Friday, Cyber Monday is when everyone goes back to work and goes hunting for online shopping deals.

On the radio this morning they said that today is Cyber Monday and warned that "your boss had better not catch you on the computer today," which is silly. I'd be angry if everyone I worked with wasn't on their computers today.

They said another thing that bugged me way more though. You know how they run out of synonyms for the word "beat" when describing sports results? The Phillies beat the Mets. The Yankees defeated the Rays. The Celtics bested the Lakers. Well, they used the one that annoys me the most: the Panthers outskated the Rangers four to nothing. This isn't the Olympics. They don't give points for skating! Outshot, out-hustled, outplayed, outscored, outlasted. I'd be thrilled if they said the Rangers outsucked the Panthers zero to four — just not outskated.

In case you're wondering, I'd be just as annoyed to hear a basketball team outdribbled their opponent or a baseball team outscratched and outspit their division rivals. Actually, I'd giggle at the scratching and spitting, but I think you now know how I feel about outskated.

UPDATE: C.K. gives me a little playful grief in his own Cyber Monday post for not hating the term "cyber" as much as I hate outskated. Maybe it's because Jason and I did the CyberSurfer magazine years ago and I never really got sick of the word cyber like the rest of the world did.

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