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What else happens in Vegas?

January 9, 2009 @ 10:41am

Last night I went to the Intel party, hosted by @sarahcuda, @somewhatfrank, @briansolis and @zappos, and got to introduce people like Maralyn from AOL (what, no Twitter name?) to @MCHammer and watch @juliaallison be as shy and cameraphobic as usual.

At the party, plenty of people had iPhones and plenty of other people (like me) were talking about how Palm had debuted their Palm Pre iPhone killer earlier that day. Maybe Bono's big investment wasn't a mistake after all.

No one played any Elvis songs, even though it was his 74th birthday.

I still have a list of people to meet up with at CES before I go and I'd like to handle some more gadgets like the Sony VAIO P netbook, but I got a lot done in a single day.

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