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How to save journalism

April 24, 2009 @ 8:55am

I have been reading a ton of stories about the AP vs. Google and how journalism costs too much to support online-only newspapers and about how to make better local news sites. With every story I've been trying to find a solution or an angle. Is there something our publishing platform can do to help traditional news organizations? Is there something we can invent to give audiences a valuable enough resource AND be able to pay for the creation of content?

And then I saw the future: auto-tune. Auto-tune is that magical audio processor that corrects notes as they're being sung. If you're a little off, auto-tune will cover up your mistakes. It was first heard widely in Cher's Believe ("Do you bel-ie-eeve in life after lo-ove?") and it's heard all the time these days.

This is how the news industry will be saved: journalism + auto-tune = viral.

Here's the second video they made, which is guaranteed to breathe new life into Katie Couric's career:

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