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Crowd Fusion for everyone

June 10, 2010 @ 4:15am

Last fall at TechCrunch 50 (video here) professional Internet celebrity judge Robert Scoble asked me why I didn't spend time talking about all of the big successful content management systems I'd built in the past. I answered that I only had 6 minutes on stage, so I focused on the product. But at NY Tech Meetup in March I decided to address his question again and tell one of the stories of Crowd Fusion — how I had built all these other great CMSes that no one in the audience had ever used. There was never going to be an O'Reilly book on the Capgemini CMS or a Blogsmith for Dummies, but maybe we'll see books like that for Crowd Fusion and people everywhere will have the chance to try our platform out.

You can watch a video from the event to hear some of the details of my experiences partnering up with Jeffrey Zeldman and Jason Calacanis, or just check out the two cool book covers I made for the presentation.

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