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Brand publishing bake-off results: not even close

August 27, 2013 @ 9:26am

Earlier case studies show off how brands like Virgin Atlantic, The Conran Shop, B&Q and Insight use Ceros to create content that delights and inspires their customers. But none of them have talked about the incredible speed you move at when your design team collaborates on interactive content in realtime, using browser-based software that is as performant as desktop software.

This case study on the fashion brand Monsoon does.

Monsoon felt that if they could find a tool or set of tools that would allow them to design more creatively, engagingly and entertainingly and do it without the need for developers, they could not only create higher quality content, but produce that content in greater quantity and at a reduced cost.

Check out what Monsoon's designers created in just a single hour and find out how much longer it took their development team to build a similar content experience.

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