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Keys and buttons

September 27, 2013 @ 1:23pm

My MacBook's "m" key needs to be hit twice as hard as the rest of the keys. Often I'll get to the end of a sentence and it's missing half of the m's. The best solution I've found online (besides waiting at the genius bar for a possible repair or replacement) is to pop off the key, glue a stack of paper or stickers to the bottom of the key and pop it back on. Then it should work again.

  1. Light up keyboard
  2. Slightly pull up the key from one side
  3. Use needle to push on two plastic pins that are inserted into metal staples
  4. Shift the key to the side opposite to these pins. It will be detached completely
  5. Glue some round plate to the center of back side of the key, thickness is about 0.3 mm. I used several layers of scotch tape to achieve desired thickness.
  6. Insert the key back to keyboard. You will need deftness and patience.


My iPad 3's home button has stopped working too. I've gotten into the habit of doing that five-finger unpinch move to go back to the home screen or the four-finger upswipe to reveal the list of recently opened apps. But it's not a hardware problem. If you turn the iPad sideways into landscape mode, press the home button and keep holding it while you slowly rotate the iPad back into tall portrait mode, the button will magically start working again. It has something to do with calibrating the button. This solution lasts for roughly two minutes. Then it stops working again.

I'd be annoyed by all of this if Apple products were, you know, expensive.

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